Robert M. - Electrical Contractor

"The loss potential in my industry almost dictates I carry workman's compensation insurance, but the cost seemed exorbitantly high for my small business. However, after talking to Lee Chapman and the PEO Link, I discovered a way to provide my employees affordable worker's compensation insurance at a cost effective price! Thank you PEO Link!"

Dr. James - Family Practice

"Having no previous experience with a professional employer service, I had little understanding of the benefits they can provide to a business. The staff at the PEO Link help guide us to an outstanding PEO service, and introduce us to a whole host of benefits including risk management, safety plan implementation, payroll services, benefits packages, and human resources management. They represent some great PEO companies that can deliver outstanding PEO service to cover the breadth of human resources activities! Thanks PEO Link!"

Robin L. - Masonry Contractor

"We had been using a PEO service for 7 years when The PEO Link contacted us. Not only did they bring a PEO to us that had more services, they actually dropped our rates substantially. We were able to hire another mason and bring another truck on board due to the savings. Couldn't be happier with the results."