Welcome to The PEO Link, Inc.

The PEO Link, Inc. is a Professional Employment Organization Services broker. Our professionals carefully analyze and match your business needs to the proper Professional Employment Organization or “PEO”. Our “one stop shop solution” will save your company countless hours of work and interviewing salesman that all say the same things. Our firm diligently researches the market and negotiates incredibly low rates and carefully helps you select the proper PEO.

By positioning itself as your broker, The PEO Link, Inc. is able to negotiate some of the lowest rates possible in our industry. Due to our size and volume, we provide a unique approach that not only allows you to obtain multiple quotes, it allows you to shop the correct PEO for your business model. Best of all, when The PEO Link, Inc. represents your firm, several local PEO companies in addition to firms across the nation aggressively compete for your business.

Already using a PEO? Going directly to a PEO to obtain a quote is going to add in substantial cost that will be passed through with your quote. The PEO, like any other company that sells a service or product, has to pay their sales and support staff salaries and commissions. When quoting your business, they also have to take into account operating cost, manpower to do the enrollment and many other aspects. Through our careful negotiating, The PEO Link, Inc. will obtain you a better rate, not allowing the PEO to pass along these large administrative cost to you while setting you up with the best PEO for your business needs. The PEO will also be put into a competitive situation right from the start while trying to earn your business, often resulting in dramatically lower billing rates.

Contact the professionals here at The PEO Link, Inc. to find your new PEO today.