Frequently Asked Questions

How many Americans are employed in a PEO relationship?

NAPEO, or the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations estimates that as many as 2 to 3 million Americans enjoy the benefits of a PEO co-employment relationship. Find out how your employees can benefit from PEO service, contact us today!

How is a PEO different from a staff leasing agency?

Staff leasing agency or temporary work hire firms traditionally supply labor to job sites on a temporary basis, often technical, mechanical, construction, or low level office staff in orientation. The PEO co-employment relationship is permanent in nature. Your employees remain exclusive to your company, no temporary arrangement exists. You make the decisions for your work force.

Are PEOs recognized as employers at the state and federal levels?

Short answer, yes. PEOs operate, and are recognized in all 50 states, and have become an important, and advantageous method for employers to gave a tactical business advantage! Contact the PEO Link, Inc. today for more information about how a PEO can help your business excel!